Simulateurs Sheetfed

Depuis l'atelier, vous avez accès a une presse capable d'imprimer jusqu'a 6 couleurs avec degrade en un seul passage papier.

Le pupitre de commande est un systeme de contrôle avec 8 écrans, chacun d'eux permettant d'accéder aux differentes fonctions du simulateur.

8 écrans
6 couleurs
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Ecran de démarrage

Ecran de démarrage

Depuis la "Quantity / Printing Speed" screen, you can start the press and go to the copy desk to get a new print copy.
Print copy

Print copy

The copy desk is the place in the simulator to collect and view the printed images.

Just like on a real press, each time changes are made, a new print must be produced, and a new print copy collected to view.

Compléte possibilité de contrôle

Press configuration in terms of whether a print unit is engaged or off can be checked here.

A basic check for press function is to check that all of the print units required are switched on, remember this for the following exercises.
Print function
Ink and water balance is the principle of offset printing. For each color, you can adjust both parameters and see effect on printed copies. Use scanning densitometer to measure the color.
Ink and water
The ink keys are used to control the ink volume supplied, so that areas of high print coverage, such as solid areas have high volumes of ink delivery, whilst areas of little or no print, have minimal ink delivery.
Mesure value
Copy desk

Depuis la référence au compte-fils

Print and ref

Print and ref

The copy desk is a key part of the simulator, not only displaying the current printed image, but allowing it to be viewed as a larger image, view both sides of the paper sheet, directly compared print copy to a color OK copy that it must match (sometimes called print proof or contract proof), and also allows the use of five essential tools to view and measure print details.


Registration is a key parameter in all forms of printing, and one of the most basic types of print fault.

Printing relies on the use of multiple colors in combination to make up images and colors.

They should be printed in the correct position relative to each other, for the image to be clear and sharp, with a true color reproduction.


Follow sequence of buttons to start the press. Push ON button 2 times to speed up the press. The, start the feeder and turn the compressor ON

Select Paper Run button to engage poper and production to print.

Print unit

This view shows two control panels and a schematic of the printing unit in the middle.

Note the color of the ink at the top of the print unit matches the ink currently in use.


At the delivery unit, you can manage press operation and adjust dryer.
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