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Sinapse Print Simulators’s staff is a mix of engineers in artificial intelligence, printing technical specialists, programmers, and project managers. This team has developed methods to successfully model complex printing processes and to allow operator interaction with them. The result: the world’s highest quality printing press simulators.

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Sheetfed simulator

Commercial printing

SheetSim-SHOTS, the sheetfed press simulator that is hands down the most effective way to train your personnel. Click. It’s just that simple.


Heatset simulator

Commercial printing

The vast majority of long run print jobs in the world are printed with heatset offset : newspaper inserts, catalogues, magazines, brochures, and even telephone directories.


Flexo simulator

Commercial printing

The PackSim-Flexo Print Simulator is a powerful diagnostic training program that utilizes custom-designed software to simulate any flexographic printing press, and allows trainees to interactively practice problem-solving techniques.


Gravure simulator

Commercial printing

Gravure. Reputed for its reliability and print quality, packaging gravure is often the process of choice for long run, repeated run packaging.



Our lastest news

Memorandum’s of cooperation with Ukraine

On May 2023, Sinapse Print Simulators honourable host the Cluster of printing industry, publishing houses and digital technologies printing: logistics, service, quality from UKRAINE. Mutually Mrs. ISAEVA CEO of Cluster and Mr. Mack CEO of Sinapse stated how important is of tight cooperation to rebuild destroyed by war Ukrainian printing industry and education system.

Outcome of the meeting both sides sign the memorandum’s of cooperation:

  • Cluster of printing industry, publishing houses and digital technologies printing: logistics, service, quality
  • Institute of Bila Tserkva in Ukraine.

The nearest future goal is to support Ukrainian Cluster to become member of World Skills Trade 11 (Printing Technology) family.

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Sponsor for Worldskills

Sinapse is a sponsor for worldskills, in print media skills activity. Every two years, the competitors are willing to demonstrate their mastery of the printing process. The SHOTS simulator is one evaluation tools used during the competition. one of the means of showing their knowledge of the process, with a 'gaming' component, without being totally a game. See you in Shanghai in 2021.

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Virtual classroom or webinar focus on trouble shooting

Simulators are a great training tools to share printing knowledge. Without risk to users, a trainer can show the interactions on the printing machine, whatever the process - offet, flexo or helio. In no print fault mode, the attendee can easily use the press and understand the process, without wasting paper and preserving the planet. The simulator is a green tool.

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